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The Minister

In 1998 Lekesha surrendered to the divine call of God to preach the Gospel and was ordained for ministry on February 14, 2001.  

She ministers with a passion for prayer, the Word of God, spiritual formation, discipleship, leadership development and missions.  She has served as a missionary/evangelist in Mexico, Jamaica, India, Ghana and a variety of conferences and workshops in the United States. Crossing denominational and cultural boundaries, Lekesha is effective in a variety of contexts. She has been blessed to speak for many widely respected ministries and community organizations.


With the support and full endorsement of several respected Christian leaders in 2007 Lekesha successfully launched HER Call Ministries, "the network for women in ministry."

Rev. Lekesha R. Barnett now serves full-time at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

"The Rev. Lekesha R. Barnett is a gifted preacher, who has been used of God to bless our congregation on several occasions.  In my absence, and at other times, she has filled the pulpit of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church with impacting worship, substantive preaching and unusual grace."- Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston, TX

"God has gifted this young woman with the ability to unashamedly share the love of God with others, to be transparent in her ministry and to challenge those in the body of Christ to serve with excellence and integrity. We are looking forward to the "next phase" of her great ministry!" - Co Pastor Mia K. Wright, The Fountain of Praise, Houston, TX

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