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The Author

In November of 2008, “author” was added to Lekesha’s resume’ with the publication of The Intensified Life: Experience God and Live to Tell About It! The book is a study based on a teaching series she created in 2006. Testimonies from men and women about the experience were powerful and continued for more than two years. With the sponsorship of HER Call Ministries the book was published with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the support of Christian leaders in America, Jamaica, Africa and India. The Intensified Life is available nationwide through major book retailers and the Internet. 

In 2011 the overflow of private study resulted in a new book to encourage new and mature believers to develop a deeper reverence for God's Word. There is a difference in knowing the Lord's Word and discerning His voice. Word Infusion offers selected Scriptures for mediation as a way to boost ones ability to hear Him speak. Living by the Word of His voice creates the means by which anyone can enjoy divine rest and peace. Word Infusion is great as a personal devotional or small group study. 

In 2023, Word Infusion was reformatted as a digital book in celebration of its 10th anniversary and Lekesha's 24th preaching anniversary. 

Digital EBook 

Print Version

Print Version

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