What others have said about their intensified experience...

"It is more than just a study. It is life transforming experience that can not be summed up in words. It intensified my appreciation and attention to God's voice." - J. Keys (original group member)

"I'll never forget that season of my life and how being in that group impacted my life forever!" - Dr. T. Russell (original group member)

" 'The Intensified Life' is AMAZING! It's really showing me that I haven't been true to myself..." - TSU student

"Our church really enjoyed the study when I taught it years ago. I'm sure this will be a dynamic experience with the author!"  - Pastor  Carroll

10th Anniversary

A decade has passed and the book is still inspiring men and women to live beyond boundaries to experience God in transformational ways. Look for book signings, "Intensified Gatherings" and more in 2018.

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